My Favorite Gemstones

I thought it would be fun to share what my favorite gemstones are and why. I can imagine that everyone who shares an appreciation for gems has one or two that they find more intriguing than others. For me the list goes like this:

1) Emeralds – What? You expected me to say something else? But seriously, emeralds have it all. The 4 C’s…. Curses, Cleopatra, Conquistadors, and Colombia. How Cool is that? Due to being one of the first gemstones to be discovered; emeralds have a long history, rich in ancient beliefs, danger, intrigue, mystique, and symbolism. I could probably go into 50 more blogs on those topics alone. These ‘side stories’, if you will, are often what fuels our fascination with gems and with emeralds in particular. But that’s just half of it. The stone itself is a wonder to behold. I’m not talking about the low-grade commercial emerald you find at cheap retailers and department stores, but beautiful, natural Colombian emerald. Their color and beauty is unrivaled and unfortunately, very under-appreciated because of the plentitude of lower quality material that dominates the market and creates a situation where public opinion is based on a sample that is really not representative of what quality emeralds are actually like.

In Colombia, they have a name for an effect often seen in the very finest emeralds…’gota de aceite’, which translates to ‘drop of oil’. These gorgeous emeralds are absolutely stunning in how they seem to capture a shimmering, almost liquid essence like a drop of pure oil glistening in the most beautiful and vivid emerald green color you’ve ever seen.

2) Corundum – I admit it. My eyes wander sometimes….I can’t deny that I like sapphires and rubies too. Of course, sapphires are known best as a blue stone which has always been one of my favorite colors, but sapphires come in nearly every color of the rainbow. Together with emeralds, blue sapphires, and red rubies make up the three primary colors of light, which makes it understandable why they are often referred to as the ‘Big Three’.

3) Paraiba Tourmaline – You may be surprised by this choice, but at the moment I’m rather intrigued by this stone. Paraiba Tourmalines come in some very interesting colors and true Paraibas only come from one place on earth… Paraiba, Brazil . Tourmalines in general interest me, but Paraiba tourmalines are certainly the most notable. Tourmaline doesn’t have the long history of the ‘Big Three’ or diamonds, but that’s just the way things go. Who knows…Had they been discovered a few thousand years ago like emeralds, they might have made it the ‘Big Four’.

Honorable Mention:

1) Diamonds – Over hyped, but we’re still impressed IF they’re of good quality. Many people view diamonds as pretty much all the same, but this is not the case at all. Even for small diamonds, it pays to pay attention to their classifications as I’ve seen some very disgusting stones under the loupe from department store-bought jewelry. You may not think it matters if you can’t see the defects without a loupe, but they really do have a significant effect on the appearance of the stone.

2) Blue Topaz – I just like the color; I can’t see them being a stone I’d ever wear.

3) Opal – I still view opal as more of an interesting and pretty rock than a gemstone, but some specimens are very impressive and can be made into some very remarkable jewelry.

4) Alexandrite – The color change is a pretty neat trick. You really have to see it in a good quality specimen to be blown away. Good quality Alexandrite doesn’t seem to be in large supply, so its doubtful this stone will ever achieve huge commercial success.

5) Blue Euclase – Very beautiful if cut right, but that’s the trick. Not many are cut as gems because of the difficulty in working with its cleavage planes.

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  1. hello all,
    I love the emeralds, not the tourmaline—-not heard of “blue euclase”. I am loving Lamimar of late—“Its powers are believed to helps us view events from different perspectives, to soften and enlighten, to heal the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body.

    Larimar stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras promoting inner wisdom. It represents peace and clarity, healing and love. Larimar is reputed to be helpful for those experiencing stress and anxiety. ”

    south sea pearls

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