Working with Customers on Custom Jewelry

Working on custom jewelry with online customers is a rewarding experience. It presents us with an opportunity to get to know our customers and work with them online in a way that many online businesses can’t or won’t. Our customers find it educational and in the end, very worthwhile. For us, it’s something we find engaging and sometimes challenging, but extremely satisfying when the finished jewel turns out to be so much more than the customer ever imagined. Since we started maintaining a presence in Bogota, Colombia, we’ve been able to work with several of our customers to turn their custom jewelry ideas into reality.

Five Emerald Ring in Platinum, Size 14! Alexandrite Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold 5.52 ct Emerald Ring in 22kt Yellow Gold with Hand Carved Pre-Colombian Symbols

Most of our custom jewelry requests come from customers that even don’t know we take requests. They often find out while making special requests for stones that may not be shown on the site. We explain that with a presence in Colombia, we are ideally suited to handle custom jewelry requests, as we have immediate access to not only thousands of emeralds and uncut emerald rough, but also gem cutters and expert jewelers with a lifetime of experience working with emeralds. These resources make it much easier for us to locate or cut the stones needed, and have them made into custom handcrafted jewelry pieces in much less time than it takes most jewelers elsewhere to simply acquire the stones. It’s a big advantage, but one that we think isn’t taken advantage of as much as we’d expect.

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring, 0.40 cts Low-Profile Marquesa Style Oval Cut Emerald and Diamond Earrings Pear Cut Emerald with 3 Diamond Accents for My Mother

When a customer decides they may be interested in making a piece of custom jewelry and contacts us to discuss the project, we’ll often call to learn more about what ideas the customer has and how they’d like for it to look. Many times we receive pictures or links to pictures showing similar designs. We also often learn of the significance of the piece and perhaps personal reasons why the piece is being made. We take it all to heart and we continue a dialogue to resolve any design issues, make decisions on the materials to be used, and to work on the fine details. When all is set, the work can begin. The whole process, from first contact to completion of the piece, can take just a few days or up to 3 weeks. That’s not bad, considering it’s a custom design, handcrafted to your specifications, and made with highest quality materials.

Concept Rendering of 4 Emerald, 3 Diamond Wedding Band One of a Kind Trapiche Emerald Set in 18kt White Gold Oval Cut Emerald and 6 Diamond Accent Ring in 18kt White Gold

To those who read this blog and are considering making custom emerald or diamond jewelry or any jewelry for that matter, we offer you the following advice: 1) Study the matter carefully – read about gold and the gems you want to include 2) Ask questions about the things you are concerned about or don’t understand – It never hurts to ask and especially with us if we have a chance to educate more people about emeralds. 3) Consider quality – When customers ask us to copy designs they find on other websites, sometimes we can do it for less, sometimes we can’t. If we can’t, it comes down to a question of quality and we tell the customer that we can’t because we use higher quality stones and metals… They really matter.

All of the above were produced by Embassy Emeralds and the craftsmen we work with. Place your mouse over each picture to preview the link and to view the photo labels describing each jewel.. To create your custom jewelry masterpiece, family heirloom, or a special one-of-a-kind gift, contact us and we’ll talk about it. 

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