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Colombian Emeralds

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Dark-Field Loupe

Dark Field LoupeA dark-field loupe, along with a jewelers loupe, goes a long way in assisting a jeweler or gemologist in properly evaluating a gemstone.

More expensive than a traditional jewelers loupe, the dark-field loupe is an essential tool in evaluating colored gemstones as such stones are more commonly subject to inclusions; and observing these inclusions is were the dark-field loupe excels.

This device consists of a special housing that can be attached to a common Maglite. The light from the Maglite is then reflected into the dark-field housing and hits the stone from the side laterally, rather than against it's table or culet. In this manner, it is far easier to observe not only inclusions, but also blemishes that may be present along the girdle.

When using a loupe of this variety, the stone is suspended in a cavity in the middle of the loupe, and then observed through a magnifying view piece on one end of the housing.

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