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Colombian Emeralds

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Emmaville is a small town located in southwestern Australia about 25 miles north of Glen Innes and 410 miles north-north-east of Sydney. It was in this town where D. A. Porter made a discovery which would later be determined to be emerald, the first recorded discovery in Australia.

Mining began almost immediately and continued on and off for the next twenty years producing over 53,000 carats of emeralds of a mediocre quality, most having a rather pale green color. Emeralds from this mine are generally small in size and were very difficult to remove from their very hard matrix. Mining in this location was performed by hand by means of a 100 meter deep shaft and three horizontal drives through solid granite.

The geological characteristics of the emerald deposits are unique, in particular due to being grouped in solid quartz/topaz/feldspar/mica pegmatite that in turn intrudes surrounding Permian sediments.

Despite their lower quality, emeralds from this location are still considered attractive to some due to their low concentrations of iron (Fe), Chromium (Cr), and vanadium (V).


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