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Colombian Emeralds

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The word emerald can be traced back thousands of years to the Sanskrit word marakata used in ancient India and in Semitic languages the word mafek-en-ma, used primarily in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Both words translate to Green Stone and were applied to all green colored stones since ancient people had no way to distinguish an emerald from Emerald Simulants similarly colored stones such as peridot, green sapphire, and chrome diopside.

From here, the word eventually transformed into the Latin word smaragdus and the ancient greek word smaragdos. Over time the word evolved to become the Italian smeraldo, the Middle English and Old French esmeraude, and on to the modern day emerald in English, esmeralda in Spanish, emeraude in French, and smaragd in Dutch and German.

With these translations, you can see how the trace remains of the ancient word lives on in it's present day equivalents.


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