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Colombian Emeralds

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Euclase (Hydrous beryllium aluminium silicate, or BeAlSiO4(OH)) is a hard, light crystal with perfect cleavage appearing in colors such as white, green, and blue and clarity ranging from transparent to translucent. It is formed in pegmatite and is a product of the decomposition of beryl in the presence of Topaz.

The name Euclase (Hear it! 35k/WMA) means 'easily cleaved' and stems from it's reputation as being very difficult to cut as it can easly cleave in the wrong direction. This, coupled with its rarity, make well faceted stones particularly valueable, despite its relatively unknown status amongst consumers.

Gem quality specimens have been found in the Boyaca Department of Colombia, where they are sometimes referred to as 'Colombian Blueberries', in addition to Ouro Preto in Brazil.

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