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Colombian Emeralds

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India is not a signifigant producer of high quality emeralds, however low to medium quality specimens are found between the cities of Ajmer and Udaipur at the Bubani Mine in the Rajhastan Province in the northern part of India. They have a bluish color which is unique to emeralds from India.

In addition to the Bubani Mine, emeralds are also found in the Southern portion of India at Sankari Taluka in the Salem district.

The Moguls were the dominant empire on the Indian subcontinent through much of the early modern era and were were known to love emeralds and they were an important segment in Indian culture. They were often inscribed with sacred text and worn as talismans. These emeralds are collectively known as the 'Mogul Emeralds'. One of the more well known emeralds of this type is the aptly named 'Mogul Emerald' which is believed to have belonged to the last great Mogul ruler Emperor Aurangzeb in the late 1600's.


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