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Colombian Emeralds

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Jewelers Loupe

Jewelers LoupeThe jewelers loupe is probably the most recognizable tool in the arsenal available to a jeweler or gemologist. The loupe comes in many forms, but in virtually every case is nothing more than a hand-held or head mounted magnifier.

Jewelers use their loupes for a variety of functions in the evaluation of gemstones, most notably to identify inclusions, blemishes and other manufacturing or cutting flaws.

The most important consideration is that it can magnify 10-fold. This is critical because many different magnification scales exist, the most common scales for grading clarity are based on observations made using 10x magnification. Additionally, it's important to use triplet-type loupes, as distortions in color can be realized when using loupes with only a single lens and result in improper color grading.

Prices for jeweler loupes vary as widely as their construction. In some cases, loupes may given away as promotional items, however their quality can sometimes be questionable.

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