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Colombian Emeralds

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Therapeutic Uses of Emeralds

Throughout the ages, emeralds have been used for a variety of medical purposes, such as:

Ancient Mediterranean
Citizens from the ancient Greek and Roman empires would place emeralds on the eyelids of sick patients to provide relief from infections. In Egypt, a similar process was used to aid in the restoration of eyesight. In addition, emeralds were also used to assist in childbirth.

Middle Ages
Dangling over or placing on the abdomen of a patient suffering from dysentery would aid in its cure.

Aisa Minor
Ingestion of an emerald would serve as a laxative.

Still today, emeralds of poor quality are crushed and ground into powder and used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Western Hemisphere
Emeralds, along with other precious are semiprecious gemstones, and used in crystal therapy. It is held by some that the emerald represents health, strength, life, and rebirth and can infuse it's wearer with "positive energies".


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