Cufflink Bling

Recently Embassy Emeralds produced a pair of custom made emerald and diamond cufflinks for one of our customers. They turned out to be quite impressive and the customer was very pleased. After all, emerald and diamond cufflinks are sure to make an impression and so this got us thinking…. Why don’t more guys wear cufflinks?

Certainly enough of us wear long sleeve shirts to the office or when we’re out on the town. And certainly as guys we’re always looking for ways to build and improve our look or impress the ladies. Cufflinks seem like a great and easy way to do exactly that. Very few accessories allow you to assert some individuality, show you have good taste, and create an image that people will respect and perhaps even envy the way a good pair of cufflinks can. Many of us don’t see cufflinks worn every day, and so you can be a trendsetter without even trying.

Adding emeralds, diamonds, and other gems takes cufflinks to the next level. In the case of the customer who had us make the emerald and diamond pair, he wanted something that would be noticed and it’s tough to argue that he didn’t get exactly that. I think he wanted to use the word ‘bling’ but it didn’t come out. Anyway… we knew. Check out some of these unique emerald cufflinks that only Embassy Emeralds can bring to you.

18kt White Gold Space Shuttle Cufflinks with Uncut Emerald Cargo Cufflinks with Uncut Emerald Crystals in 18kt White Gold Emerald and Diamond Cufflinks in Silver with Rhodium Finish

If you’re ready to add a good pair of emerald, diamond, or just plain gold or platinum cufflinks to your repertoire, visit or contact us and we’ll be here to assist you through choosing a set already made or creating a custom set perhaps even with an emerald tie clip.

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