Replacement Emeralds

Emerald Cut Emerald. Photo by Embassy Emeralds.Losing or damaging precious and very expensive gems can be a heartbreaking experience and leave with you with the often difficult task of finding a replacement gemstone. But if you’ve lost or damaged is an emerald or you just wish to replace a gemstone with an emerald, there’s no need to despair. Embassy Emeralds offers you its assistance and some points to consider as you start the search. We’d also suggest that you should try to think positive and consider that losing or damaging a gemstone may actually present you with opportunities to make improvements.

You’ll need to use the classic 4 C’s as your guide to choosing a replacement emerald but the 4 C’s alone are not enough. In this case you’re not just looking for any emerald, you need to find a replacement emerald with some very specific requirements. Therefore your main considerations will probably focus on four main areas: Size, cut, quality, and cost. Here we’ll take a look at each of these and hopefully give you ideas on where you can find flexibility and options when choosing your new emerald.

The size of the emerald is an important consideration. Obviously you want it to fit in the same setting where the old gemstone was. For prong type gem settings and small to average size stones there should be no problem to quickly locate a suitable replacement and get it set. It would be helpful to know the size of your lost or broken stone but it’s very unlikely that we’d think to measure and record the dimensions of our gems before something unfortunate happens. Luckily prong settings give us a fair amount of flexibility and even rough measurements taken after the loss of the stone will probably suffice. If your stone was a very large one or has bezel setting, the quest may take a bit more time or demand more of the jeweler who performs the repair.

Bezel set emeralds in 18kt gold emerald ring. Photo by Embassy Emeralds.The cut of the emerald is another obvious consideration. For bezel settings you have very little choice but to get the same cut with the same proportions unless you’re prepared to do some potentially major modifications to the jewel. For prong settings, many times you can make changes. For smaller stones, you can sometimes substitute an oval, trilliant, and maybe even a princess or square emerald cut gem for a round cut stone or the other way around. It’s worth some thought because this is one of the opportunities I spoke of. With a minor change in the shape of your stone, you can possibly make an average looking design much more attractive.

Quality and cost usually go hand in hand when you’re talking about emeralds and so we’ll discuss them here together. It’s very likely that you’ll want to match or exceed the quality of the stone that you had before, and so that becomes the basis for comparing the new stone to. If your budget allows, this is another opportunity where you can go for an upgrade and choose a much better stone than you had before. But if your budget does not allow for flexibility, it could limit your choices. You have to consider that you may not be able to afford a stone of the quality that you have in mind. And you need to settle for an emerald with a slightly lesser color. Sacrificing on clarity can make a difference as well, but color typically has a more significant impact on the price of emeralds, just as it does for many other colored gemstones.

Hopefully you never lose or damage your emeralds, but if you do or just want to change gems, remember what you learned here and remember to let Embassy Emeralds do the heavy lifting for you. We have access to countless emeralds right from the source in Colombia in almost any size, cut, quality, or price range imaginable. Contact us today and put us to work for you.

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