Interesting Requests

Working everyday in the heart of the emerald trade in Bogota, one can’t help but maintain a level of excitement because you never know what you’re going to see on any given day. From interesting emerald crystal specimens still in matrix, to big $150,000 lots of very high quality, ‘gota de aceite’ type emeralds, and even the occasional gem trader that comes in from Brazil with aquamarines, tourmalines, topaz, or fancy diamonds; it’s all very interesting.

Also very interesting sometimes are the requests we receive from our customers. By now, almost everyone who’s passionate about emeralds knows we can source them on request but some also know we can source diamonds and other gems as well. Some of the interesting requests we’ve had lately are for: canary yellow diamonds (still searching), alexandrite (found), trapiche emerald cut into a hex shape (we just cut it), emeralds specifically requested with inclusions (easily done), and many other items besides good quality emeralds that help make each day interesting, because you never know what the next request will be.

Another interesting aspect of working with gems in a major gem trading city is the speed at which gemstones move in the marketplace. Every day hundreds, if not thousands of stones change hands. And that’s just amongst the small time dealers and jewelers. Larger brokers make million dollar transactions on a regular basis as well. It’s really remarkable and it often reminds me that I’m right in the heart of it all.

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