Emeralds Above All Others

Many jewelry lovers have very specific tastes in what they buy. Some are strictly birthstone buyers, but this is much less common than many people would think. People simply want what they like and for many, they want emeralds.

Emeralds are considered by historians as the first gemstone ever discovered. They have thousands of years of history, and with a long history comes longstanding beliefs, traditions, and mystique. That’s definitely the case with Emeralds, but they certainly don’t need any help. People enjoy them for the beautiful gems that they are and recognize the traits that have made them so popular for so long. One of the most important traits is obviously their color. Emerald green is considered by many as the standard for green color and green is a color associated with my positive attributes or virtues such as fertility, prosperity, and tranquility. Besides these associations, a beautiful emerald and its distinctive color is simply soothing to look at.

This soothing appearance and the instinctive association with these very positive attributes is one reason why many people prefer emeralds over sapphires, rubies, and other gems. But to think about it, it makes sense. Many see diamonds as way overdone, and sapphires have become very common. Rubies are still an interesting choice but red has never been considered a soothing color by anyone. That leaves emeralds, which are seen by most as very elegant and will probably never be thought of as ‘overdone’. You might even be surprised to know that some feel so strongly about having emeralds over other stones that they choose emeralds in place of diamonds for their wedding and engagement rings.

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