Secure Shopping for Emeralds and Jewelry

Secure Shopping for Emeralds and Jewelry at Embassy EmeraldsSelling high value merchandise requires strong security measures to protect both your client base and you. As an online gemstone dealer, Embassy Emeralds certainly recognizes this very important part of doing business, and we’re committed to staying on top of the latest security features to keep our website and our valued customers safe. We’ve never had a security incident or compromise of our site and we intend to keep it that way. That is why we’ve just upgraded our already very secure checkout system to one that’s even better. We’ve replaced our 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate that ensures transactions are encrypted and safe with an even more secure 256 bit certificate. This is the strongest SSL encryption commercially available for e-commerce sites that will keep Embassy Emeralds’ excellent reputation as a secure online gemstone and jewelry dealer intact.

When you visit Embassy Emeralds note the AlphaSSL image shown above in the left column. Clicking on it will show you security information relative to our SSL Certificate which lets you know that you’re safe buying jewelry and gemstones from Embassy Emeralds. Also, note the padlock that appears in your browser as you proceed through the checkout process. In Internet Explorer, it will appear on the right side of the address bar. In Firefox, it will be in the lower right corner of the screen. Clicking on these padlocks will show you that the information on the page is being encrypted using 256bit SSL encryption.

To give you a sense of how strong this encryption is. We’ve paraphrased an article on Brute Force attacks from the Wikipedia…

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