Angelina Jolie’s Emeralds at the Oscars

Brad Pitt accompanies Angelina Jolie and her striking Emerald Earrings.It’s the day after the Academy Awards ceremony and the day when the world sees what the stars wore to the big event. Dressed in a jet black Elie Saab gown to complement Brad Pitt’s Tom Ford tuxedo is the lovely and talented Angelina Jolie. Her simple, yet elegant and striking dress shows the classic black and white combination always works for this power couple. The noticeable exception were Angelina’s bright green emerald earrings. There are probably 35-40 carats worth of gorgeous Colombian emeralds hanging there which do a great job of bringing attention to Angelina’s always photogenic and already very radiant face. Neither Brad nor Angelina won an Oscar but this elite couple deserves an award for style. Well done.

Angelina Jolie's gorgeous Emerald Earrings.

The lower pear cut emerald portion of Angelina’s earrings remind us of a stone we sold recently. See it here. We obviously do not publish many stones of this size on the website, but we are uniquely positioned to easily acquire fine stones such as these straight from Colombia. We spend much of the year working from the source to bring fine emeralds like these to emerald lovers who must have the best. Visit our website and contact us today!

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  1. She looks so lovely and the earrings are to die for…

  2. those things are HUGE!!! i wonder how much they’re worth?

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