Exchange Rate Demands: Buy Emeralds Now

4.03ct Emerald Cut Colombian EmeraldNOW is the time to buy emeralds.

We’re certain most jewelry lovers or even jewelers don’t spend their days watching foreign currency markets and hypothesizing as to the effects they may have on the cost of their next jewelry piece. But if you have been watching the U.S. Dollar and the Euro versus the Colombian Peso, maybe you’ve realized that now is a ‘must buy’ time if you’re in the market to buy Colombian emeralds…direct from Colombia. We say ‘direct’ because emerald prices sold in Colombian pesos remain stable, but right now the Dollar and the Euro have more buying power in pesos than at any time in the last several years.

At the time this article is published, the Colombian Peso is trading at 2575 pesos to 1 U.S. Dollar and 3247 pesos to 1 Euro. These are high exchange rates and spell huge discounts for emerald buyers paying in dollars or euros. If you take a look at the chart below you’ll see that the dollar is peaking in strength after a very weak stretch in 2008. Since a low point of 1615 pesos, the dollar has surged more than 50%. The Euro was not quite as weak as the dollar, but it is riding a wave as well.

To put individual emerald prices into perspective, a good quality emerald that sold for 3,000,000 pesos while the dollar was dragging the floor at 1615 pesos would cost about $1858 dollars. This same emerald bought today could be purchased for just $1165. This is almost a 40% savings. Granted, 1615 pesos was a very weak point for the dollar in recent years, but the current high rates are beyond excellent for emerald buying and may not last long before they give up 15-20% to return to more typical levels.

If you want to jump at the chance to purchase emeralds at this very opportune time, we recommend you get in touch with us right away before the rate changes. We buy our emeralds in Colombia and get them straight to you. You’ll save money across the entire price spectrum, but if you’re purchasing a fine stone of several thousand dollars, you’re really going to notice the difference. You’ll also have made a great investment in this difficult economy. This is a clear cut opportunity for excellent value purchases for consumers and increased profits for jewelers and resellers that just simply isn’t there if you buy your emeralds from middlemen… you need to buy close to the source to get the most from the current market. As an American company buying in Colombia, Embassy Emeralds is uniquely positioned to help you do just that.

To put us to the task and help you take advantage of the current prices, call Embassy Emeralds at +1(708) 336-3690 or email us.

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2 Responses to “Exchange Rate Demands: Buy Emeralds Now”

  1. It’s interesting to see this now.. the dollar is back at around 1819 Pesos. Good call!

  2. It’s unlikely the Colombian Peso will reach those amazing highs over 2000 any more. The weak dollar and the strong Colombia economy should keep it at or near its current range of 1800 for possibly years to come. It may even reach to1600, meaning emerald prices will be rising if it does.

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