Emerald Christmas Gifts

Trapiche Emerald SliceChristmas is just on the other side of the jack-o-lantern for the thoughtful Christmas gift buyer. We at Embassy Emeralds count on this and know that some of your holiday gift plans this year may involve building a custom piece of jewelry. And so we start gearing up well in advance to offer you the best choices in loose Colombian emeralds to create the most memorable gifts you’ll ever give. Coming soon to our website and your browser are several new additions to our inventory including a pair of polished trapiche emerald slices, which we’re quite excited to offer. These rare and unusual emeralds are perfect for a dangling earring design or a creative necklace. Definitely check these out and read more about trapiche emeralds in one of our earlier articles.

We’ve also added another pair of emeralds that is sure to generate interest as they’re a matched emerald cut square set of over 1 carat each. Experienced gemstone buyers might know that finding quality matched Colombian emeralds over 1 carat can be an extremely difficult task. We just made it easy for you and we’ll be keeping our eye out for the next great deal to come along.

We don’t stray from the color green often, but we know our customers have varied tastes in gems that include other colors to suit your different moods or even to match that new blouse or dress you’ve been thinking about. New this month, we’re offering 3 Mexican Fire Opals we could not pass up. If orange is your color, these are a must see.

Mexican Fire Opal Oval Cut Trilliant Cut

Aside from these notable offerings we’ve added several smaller emeralds in a variety of sizes, shapes, and qualities to suit your budget.

If building a custom piece isn’t in your holiday plans this year, you might consider some of the emerald jewelry options we offer. Most pieces are one of a kind, hand crafted jewels made from high quality 18kt gold and genuine Colombian emeralds as always. Order early or inquire in advance if the item description suggests shipping make take additional time (usually a few extra days).

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