How much does a carat weigh?

Emerald Cut EmeraldHow much does a carat weigh is a question we’ve probably all wondered at one time, but never bothered to ask. A carat is a unit of measurement used to weigh gemstones and pearls and by definition, one carat is equal to one fifth of a gram or 200mg . Many people who love jewelry often confuse this definition of the word carat used for measuring mass with the word carat used for denoting purity of gold and gold alloys.

Since a carat is a unit of mass (weight), obviously a five carat emerald weighs the same as a 5 carat diamond or a gemstone of any another type. Emeralds, diamonds, and all of the other different gemstones however, have different densities and therefore may vary in volume or physical size very, very slightly.

Gemstones weights are rarely given in any other unit of measurement unless the material is in great quantity of uncut rough material, if the gemstone material is not of sufficient quality to be considered ‘gem quality’,  or if the gem is of a type that is frequently very large or still in matrix such as opal.

Carats may also be referred to as metric carats.

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