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Request EmeraldsIf you don’t see the perfect emerald on our website, requesting emeralds is very easy. We often discuss loose emeralds with our customers over email or telephone and request emeralds be sent from Colombia if necessary. If you may be interested in one of our emeralds or would like to request emeralds, we offer some insight into the process and some important things to consider.

Browse the Emerald Inventory

If we had to advise new customers on the best way to find and buy emeralds on, we’d suggest starting with the All Emeralds menu item on the left side. Use the sorting options at the top of the view to find the emeralds that suit your needs, and get familiar with them. We’ll gladly discuss or provide any additional information on the individual emeralds if possible. Buying emeralds from our existing inventory is always quicker and easier than requesting they be located and sent from Colombia, but if we don’t currently have the right emerald for you, its time to discuss an emerald request.

If, after browsing our selection of loose Colombian emeralds, you don’t see the right stone for you, we can discuss requesting emeralds. If you’ve already familiarized yourself with the emeralds we have in stock, noting the sizes, prices, our descriptions, their appearance in photos, and their characteristics; this will all help in the next step. Contact us if you have questions about any item and ask what else we may have. We’re often preparing to publish new stones and they just may not be posted yet. If we don’t have what you need we’ll request emeralds straight from the source.

Request Emeralds: Finding the Right Emerald

Before we request emeralds from Colombia, we’ll need to discuss the search parameters first. The following are prioritized in order of importance to the request.

  • Budget – A general high and low price range is perhaps the single most useful piece of information you can provide us to zero in on the right stones. Emerald prices per carat can vary tremendously based on their individual characteristics. We don’t want to waste
  • Carat – We’ll need to know whether to look for 5 carat gems or something more subtle. The time you spent browsing our emerald inventory or looking at jewelry may help you in understanding what size emerald to buy. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask us.
  • Color or Clarity – Both may be important to you and we’ll always strive to find the best overall stone and best value within your budget, but it is quite helpful to know whether you place greater importance on one over the other.
  • Timeline and Customer Intent – Please help us help you by letting us know when you need the emeralds and your level of interest. We can assume if you’re writing to request emeralds, you’re serious about making a purchase but it can be quite disappointing to not get a reply to our photos after a successful search.
  • Cut – If you don’t have a specific cut in mind for your emerald request don’t worry, the emerald search may be quicker and easier without the additional constraint. But if you do have a definite preference, by all means let us know. We’ll work with the parameters we have and offer suggestions when appropriate.
  • Purpose – Our customers request emeralds for a surprising variety of reasons. From emerald elixirs to chakras, gem collections to astrology, birthstone gifts to engagement rings…. we’ve seen it all. If you think it may help, please feel free to share your project with us.

Request Emeralds: What to Expect

Once we have enough information for the emerald request, we’ll contact our sources in Colombia to begin the search immediately. The emerald search may take a few days, to several weeks depending on the difficulty and other factors. We’ll try to update you as information is available, but definitely feel free to ask at any time. Once the emeralds are located, we’ll send photos and all the information we have to you. Good emeralds move very quickly in Bogota and our suppliers may not be able to hold stones for long, so we ask for your thoughts and comments as soon as you’re available to give them. If you’re satisfied and ready to purchase an emerald, please let us know ASAP in order to secure the stone. We’ll then send an electronic invoice for payment, have the stone certified by a gem lab if desired, and put the shipping in motion.

If you’re ready to bring your enthusiasm and passion for emeralds, and we’ll bring the green!  Let’s get started shopping for emeralds.

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  1. I am interested to know if I can purchase a bag or back of uncut emeralds still not removed from the stones they are in. I wish to see it is possible to purchase stones in this manner. on the one hand I might get lucky and find and excellent stone one the other I may not. Not sure if they even sell emeralds where the quality can not be told since they have not been processed in anyway. please let me know if this is even possible. email me.

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