Beyonce’s Emerald Earrings Rock President Obama’s Inauguration

Beyonce made President Obama’s inauguration day crowd green with envy with her 80 carat emerald earrings. If you watched President Obama’s Inauguration coverage on January 21st, 2013 and you saw Beyonce perform and of course, you noticed the beautiful (and huge) 80 carat emerald earrings she wore, created by designer Lorraine Schwartz. So strikingly beautiful […]

Buying an Emerald Ring

Before you buy an emerald ring, you should weigh three basic considerations first. Embassy Emeralds suggests putting some thought into the quality of emerald you wish to have, the price, and a design you’ll be happy with.

Replacement Emeralds

Lost or damaged gemstones in your fine jewelry can be heartbreaking and leave you with the difficult task of replacing them. Here, Embassy Emeralds offers some points to consider and suggests ways to make the repaired jewel better than before.

Cufflink Bling

Embassy Emeralds takes a look at cufflinks, an often overlooked men’s accessory.

Working with Customers on Custom Jewelry

Working with customers to create custom jewelry is both challenging and rewarding. Many jewelry enthusiasts don’t think to create their own designer jewelry, but its surprisingly easy and the results are forever meaningful. Pictured here are several examples of custom pieces built by Embassy Emeralds.