How much does a carat weigh?

How much does a carat weigh is a question we’ve probably all wondered at one time, but never bothered to ask. A carat is a unit of measurement used to weigh gemstones and pearls and by definition, one carat is equal to one fifth of a gram or 200mg . Many people who love jewelry […]

Emerald Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just on the other side of the jack-o-lantern for the thoughtful Christmas gift buyer. We at Embassy Emeralds count on this and know that some of your holiday gift plans this year may involve building a custom piece of jewelry. And so we start gearing up well in advance to offer you the […]

Exchange Rate Demands: Buy Emeralds Now

There may not be a better time to buy Colombian emeralds than right now. Buying emeralds direct from Colombia now with the current exchange rates, may help you afford the emerald you’ve always wanted.

Angelina Jolie’s Emeralds at the Oscars

Angelina obviously loves emeralds, as she’s photographed on the red carpet with a pair of beautiful and unmistakably Colombian emerald earrings.

Interesting Requests

Embassy Emeralds comments briefly on how interesting some of their requests are. Many requests are for emeralds with specific characteristics but also for other gemstones and less common materials.

The Most Famous Beryl

Embassy Emeralds takes an interesting look at the gemstones most closely related to emeralds. All of them belong to the beryl family of minerals and all make good choices for high quality jewelry.

Cufflink Bling

Embassy Emeralds takes a look at cufflinks, an often overlooked men’s accessory.

Colombia’s Government Takes a More Active Roll in the Emerald Trade

Colombia’s government and the Emerald Federation work to create new, authoritative gem lab to support Colombia’s world famous emerald trade.

A Little More About Trapiche Emeralds

A brief look at how trapiche emeralds got their name and how you should pronounce it.

Working with Customers on Custom Jewelry

Working with customers to create custom jewelry is both challenging and rewarding. Many jewelry enthusiasts don’t think to create their own designer jewelry, but its surprisingly easy and the results are forever meaningful. Pictured here are several examples of custom pieces built by Embassy Emeralds.