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Colombian Emeralds

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S01 Round Cut Emerald 1.85cts CDTEC Certified
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Item No : S01
Origin : Muzo, Colombia
Weight : 1.85 cts
Size : 7.99mm x 7.86mm
Treatment : Cedar Oil
Price : $1,572.50
Quantity : 1
1 Units in Stock

More About This Emerald
Unearthed from the Cunas region of the famous Muzo mine, this 1.85 carat round cut emerald presents a great opportunity if you're searching for a large round emerald. Round cut emeralds are far less common than emerald cut emeralds and large round cut emeralds are even more rare. This emerald has some visible inclusions on the edges but the center of the stone is relatively clean. The color of this stone is a bright medium green and will make for a very attractive ring or pendant.

This stone has been certified as a genuine Colombian emerald by the CDTEC gem lab.
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