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Colombian Emeralds

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A Word on our Products and Pricing...

Embassy Emeralds conducts all of its business up-front and in good faith with our very loyal and satisfied customer base. We have an excellent relationship and a great track record with our customers, and so we’d like to share with our you some information concerning our merchandise.

Our Emeralds

First and foremost, all of our emeralds loose or mounted are 100% genuine Colombian emeralds. Colombia is unquestionably where the best emeralds in the world are found. We purchase our stones from a very short list of reputable and knowledgeable suppliers in Colombia who receive their stones in rough form and have them cut by their teams of expert gem cutters. You’ll find it difficult to find many gemstone dealers who get their stock as close to the source as we do. We have great visibility into the entire process our suppliers go through from the acquisition of the rough emerald, to the cutting of the stones, and even the cedar oil treatment process. We can stand behind our stones as genuine because we’ve seen them in work from start to finish.

Our Emerald Jewelry

Our selection of emerald jewelry is unique and more special than one might know at first glance. Nearly all of our designs are originals, and some are one-of-a-kind jewels that may never ever be reproduced. But it is the quality of the stones and materials used that definitely sets us apart. Many online jewelers and major ‘brick and mortar’ jewelry chains use highly inferior African, Pakistani, or Brazilian emeralds that are often quite included and very surprisingly… quite a few of these so-called ‘high end’ jewelers even use synthetic or ‘cultured’ emerald (yikes!).

Gold and Platinum

Quality jewelry is what you expect and quality jewelry is what we deliver. Every item in our inventory is made from only what we say it is and we only use the highest quality metals. Any 18kt white or yellow gold ring is made only from 100% high quality, 18kt white or yellow gold…every feature… all the way through. You won’t find electroplated steel or cheap gold alloys that cause allergic reactions or irritations in anything we sell. The same goes for our pieces made in platinum. If you request a piece of jewelry custom made, we can have those items made exactly as you specify in whatever karat rating of gold you desire.


The quality of the emeralds in our jewelry is a major selling point for us, and we apply the same quality focus to the diamonds we use as well. If you don’t know much about diamonds, remember this… like emeralds, not all diamonds are created equal. When we first came into the jewelry scene we managed to find some very very cheap diamonds in the 0.01 to 0.05 carat range that could be used for accent stones. At just a few dollars each, they’d be quite a bargain for a jeweler who only cares about mentioning the word diamond in the product description. When we looked closely at these diamonds using just a 10X jewelers loupe, we were disgusted at what we saw. Not just because of the very bad color and heavily included nature of these diamonds, but also they were absolutely full of ‘garbage’ and tiny cracks and severe faults that steal away their brilliance. When you see cheap jewelry containing diamonds and other precious stones, unfortunately this is what you get. Always keep in mind… It’s all about quality.

Luckily for you, we do have standards, and we have excellent sources for high quality diamonds. We know the difference between a cheap diamond and a good one is very noticeable and significant, and so we pay several times more for even the smallest diamond accents to get quality diamonds that live up to our standards and your expectations.


Every jewelry item we sell is handmade by an expert jeweler with decades of experience and very often they are original pieces shaped and constructed one at a time. They are not mass-produced or made by machines. Popular designs may later become molds, but even still, these jewels are unique because the stones they employ will be always be different and unique.


Regarding pricing, Our philosophy on pricing is: We’re happy if you’re happy. The goal is to sell emeralds and emerald jewelry, please the customer, and make a living. We’re not fooling ourselves into thinking that we’re going to get rich and retire on a single sale, and so we don’t try to.

Embassy Emeralds offers emeralds and jewelry that fit into two categories… items that we have in our inventory and items that we have exclusive authorization to sell from our supplier. We apply different pricing strategies to these two categories of merchandise in order to keep our prices reasonable and consistent with the quality of the merchandise being sold.

You may see some of our items and be surprised by the prices that go along with them. You’re surprised because you don’t usually see stones of this quality in the jewelry you’re browsing. If you’re surprised by that you might also be surprised to learn that many of these items are actually priced below their fair market value. Please consider what you’ve read above about the quality of the metals, emeralds, and diamonds used, and the craftsmanship that goes into creating these beautiful original masterpieces. All of our merchandise is priced fairly and based on its cost. This cost is directly related to the quality of the stones used, and the amount of gold or platinum required to make the item. In the end, you’re getting a far superior jewel than what you’ll find in any major jewelry chain. Admittedly and unfortunately, this does limit our market somewhat because the quality of our merchandise can push prices out of many people’s budget, but we believe it is important to keep our focus on the quality of the jewels we’re selling. However we do try to offer lower priced items for all budgets without compromising our standards. We also can make items on request that may help meet your budget concerns. If you’re interested in custom made jewelry, feel free to write to us and we’ll work with you from start to finish to make whatever you desire. We have access to other gems besides emeralds, such as sapphires, rubies, Colombian blue euclase, diamonds, and others, so please do contact us at:

We hope this information helps you understand our approach to our business. We know if you place your faith in us, you’ll be extremely pleased with your purchase and you’ll be back for more.


Garrett Fifer
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